Posted on February 3, 2013 by Admin under black and white, bourbon on the porch, Kennebunkport, reflections, Sonning Creatives

It was late afternoon at the end of May 2012.  We were on our first visit to New England and had just one night in Kennebunkport.  And you know how it is: just when you want pristine, puffy-cloud scattered skies for the perfect sunset over the marina – that’s when you get overcast skies, drizzle and lousy visibility.  But as we wandered across the bridge at the head of the harbour, I knew I had to capture the view.  And I wanted it in black and white.
Looking out over the lagoon from the bridge you can’t miss a fabulous large residence or hotel.  The woods behind were shrouded in mist, and the lagoon was still enough for pleasing reflections.

It was so damp I did not want to risk changing the lens – Nikon’s excellent 16-85 DX was on the camera.  The first shot was nice and wide – but there was too much grey sky, too much grey lagoon.  Zooming in to bring the building to prominence at an effective 75mm produced this shot. It’s OK in colour, but it’s in black and white that I see what I had hoped to capture.  It’s a timeless image – nothing to suggest 2012, or indeed, the time of day. Perhaps, like me, you can rest your eyes here – and contemplate life overlooking the lagoon… Nice glass of bourbon on the porch, anyone?

 PS: Do you know Kennebunkport?  Please let me know what this building is on my feedback page.