Anatomy of a Custom Sale (I)

Posted on July 7, 2020 by Admin under seascape, Shoeburyness, Thames Estuary, Uncategorized
Candy Floss sky as the sun lit up the base of the clouds from below the horizon. Special digital download created for client who wanted 120×80 cm canvas.

Had a lovely email conversation with K who had lived in my home town and often visited a beach that features regularly in my collection. It’s a favourite for spot dawn photo opportunities at certain times of year. When K and her family moved out of the area, they wanted a large canvas to remind them of happy times here in Shoeburyness, near Southend.

Having spotted this candy-floss sky Dawn photograph in both my Etsy shop and here, K contacted me to see if I could help her order a 120×80 cm canvas (about 4 x 3.25 feet). That’s a big canvas and for it to look right, I needed to make sure the picture could be printed at the size she wanted. I have clever ‘upscaling’ software that can increase a the size of a photo without amplifying noise or blur, and after some experimentation concluded that K’s chosen photograph would print well at the required size. After confirming the image would work, and providing a quote, K asked me to go ahead. The next step was to check her chosen provider’s upload requirements and I was then able to create a bespoke digital file in the exact size and format needed – it came in at a little over 50 megabytes, just inside the maximum possible for this provider.

Final stage was for me to create a custom listing in the Client Area of my website where K could arrange payment and download the file.

K has promised me a picture of the hung canvas in due course – I’ll be sure to post it here when it comes. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

Many of my pictures work well at larger sizes, with some ‘normal’ prints up to 36×24 inches listed.  I’m always happy to discuss suitability of special crops or print sizes – message me via the Contact page if you would like to discuss a project. In K’s case, our conversation opened on a Friday, and the file was ready for download by late Sunday evening. I can’t promise to be that quick every time – it depends on my movements and other commitments. But I will always let you know how quickly I will be able to investigate possibilities and come back to you with options.

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