A fungi to photograph with?

Posted on October 20, 2020 by Admin under autumn, macro, Nikon 105 f2.8

We all get into a bit of a groove with our photography sometimes – a round of favourite locations, sunrise, sunset, urban this, cute and cuddly that. Guilty as charged!

This autumn I decided to try my hand at a different type of subject – the mushrooms and fungi that pop up in our woodlands at this time of year.

Sweet chestnut as a counterbalance to the mushrooms

I’ve had a couple of trips out so far, both not too far from my home in Southend – and thought I’d share early results with you. The first challenge is finding them! (Tips welcome!). Have to say its a change of pace from getting blown about on the seafront at sunset, or getting chilly bits waiting for the sunrise on East Beach! Instead its stinging nettle rash on the hands, creaky knees and back, and strange looks from passers by, for whom the view of what I am photographing is obscured by my posterior as I crouch behind my tripod set at ground level.

Anyway… would love to hear your thoughts about this style of photography. Have you tried it? Would you hang such a photo if one caught your eye? In what setting?

One of the aspects I love, is the opportunity to see some of these fascinating objects at a more than lifesize – some are truly tiny! Thank you for looking – please do share your thoughts in the comments. And, for what it’s worth … I think this is my favourite so far…

Nestled against a hollow in the tree, surrounded by lichen, this made one viewer think of tiny Disney-esque worlds.

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