New Listings – Preview notes: Free Flight

Posted on July 5, 2020 by Admin under Minimalist photographs, Painting with Light, seascape, Thames Estuary, Uncategorized
Photograph-of-abstract-birds-in-flight-over-water-in evening-light. A-new-listing
Free Flight: Birds in rapid flight over water, abstract image from Painting With Light gallery

Free Flight was captured on the Thames Estuary, around sunset on a November afternoon, the sun was very low in the sky, carrying an evening warmth. A flock of seabirds, feeding along the water’s margin on the beach, took off and circled past me out to sea. I tracked and shot, using a fairly slow 1/15 exposure – enough to blur the water, and capture the sense of birds in rapid flight.

There is something free about this atmospheric photograph that appeals to me – while this one is pure photo, it has an almost painterly feel in the way it captures the movement. I’d love to hear if it works for you.

That painterly feel is what has led me to list this photo in my Painting With Light gallery rather than with my other animal photographs. Click here for the gallery listing of Free Flight (opens in new tab).

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