Be mine, Columbine

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Valentine’s day is coming fast and roses are everywhere.  But whether it’s my cheesy alliteration  or the sheer joy I got when I saw this on the camera LCD – it’s this shot of a Columbine with which I want to say ‘Be Mine’.

So why the passion?  Well, sorry to be a camera geek, but this was taken within 10 minutes of unpacking my first proper macro lens – the trusty Nikon 105.  Bought on ebay, picked up by a relative in Hull, brought down to ‘sunny Southend’ where it was unpacked on a beautiful June evening.  Not being blessed with the proverbial green fingers, my garden is not well endowed with luscious blooms.  But this Columbine was  in flower,  and it was back lit by the evening sun.  What’s more, the area behind it was in quite deep shadow.

Metering so that I exposed for the bloom, hand held despite this being the non-VR version of the lens, I was blown away by the outcome.  So blown away, that a good proportion of my work is now close up or macro.  I love the fine detail we can pull out with close ups, detail we may not even be aware of with normal vision… just look at those fine, back lit hairs along the petals!

So be mine, Columbine.  Or perhaps, what I’m whispering those sweet nothings to… is Nikon’s Micro 105 f2.8.  Gorgeous! 

Oh… sorry Mrs Kemp!  You are gorgeous too!

You can get closer to my Columbine as a card, a print or even a canvas, over on Redbubble where this my most viewed image:

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